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INFINAM – Evonik and ProductionToGo enter into Distribution Partnership

Evonik and ProductionToGo have announced a distribution partnership for Evonik’s 3D printing materials. Starting June 1, ProductionToGo will distribute INFINAM-brand photopolymers and PEEK-based filaments in the EU, Switzerland, Norway and the UK. This will enable Evonik to improve customer reach and support.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with ProductionToGo as a reliable partner who provides intact and flexible supply chains, and offers a strong customer service focus for our high-performance 3D printing materials. The new partnership is intended to increase the availability of our products for additive manufacturing and thus, ‘unbounding 3D printing at scale’ by opening up new infinite 3D applications,” says Vitor Lavini, Head of the Photopolymers Market Segment at Evonik.

“Adding the fundamental knowledge and capabilities of Evonik’s INFINAM materials to our value proposition lets us provide even more highly optimized 3D printing processes for our customers. This will lead to an improvement in both the quality of the parts produced, and the profitability and the sustainability of our customers’ processes.” says Maximilian Neck, CEO at ProductionToGo.

Evonik launched the first INFINAM ready-to-use resins two years ago and has since developed seven special material formulations. The range includes nylon powders, elastomers, PEEK filaments and special photopolymers.

Evonik’s 3D printing activities are bundled in the Group’s Additive Manufacturing innovation growth area and focus on the development of high-performance materials for all major polymer-based 3D printing technologies.

Find out more about Evonik at evonik.com.

For more information about ProductionToGo, please visit production-to-go.com.

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