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Jürgen Flesch becomes new Managing Director of Dressler Group

Dressler Group, which is also involved in additive manufacturing, has announced changes to its management team. The shareholders Axel and Jan Dressler are moving from operational to strategic management. Dr. Jürgen Flesch has therefore been appointed as an additional Managing Director of Dressler Group. In line with the “One Company” strategy, all individual operating companies will operate under one umbrella company in summer 2024. This will also formally complete the reorganization of Dressler Group.

Sustainability, which has always been a central component of Dressler Group’s corporate philosophy, is moving further into focus. The long-term mindset, which is anchored in research and development as well as in the entire value chain, is to be further intensified through the increased consideration of bioplastics, recycling and the circular economy. This commitment is not only a response to the growing demands of the market, but also to increasingly strict legal requirements.

“We are delighted to have found, in Dr Jürgen Flesch, precisely the right expert at the right time to drive us forward in these challenging future endeavours,” says Jan Dressler.

Dr. Flesch brings with him many years of experience in precisely those fields in which Dressler Group already plays a leading role and which it would like to expand further. After studying chemistry and chemical engineering and completing his doctorate, Dr. Flesch worked in various management positions, including in the USA, Thailand and Germany, where he acquired extensive expertise in Dressler Group’s core areas.

“We are excited to start working with Dr Flesch. He combines a wealth of theoretical and practical expertise in all the areas where our customers value our services and those where we intend to expand further. Bioplastics and recycling, for instance,” say CEOs Jan and Axel Dressler.

“I am passionate about innovation and growth. At the same time, I keep a close focus on safety, efficiency and quality. So rest assured that I and my colleagues at DG will continue to develop innovative customer solutions and remain your reliable partner as ‘The Grinding Authority’, says Dr Flesch.

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