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Lithoz has signed a 360° Partnership Agreement to Support ZENIT Smart Polycrystals

Lithoz, global innovation specialist in ceramic 3D printing, will support the Italian start-up ZENIT Smart Polycrystals with entering the SSL laser market using their patented process of 3D printing transparent polycrystal components.

This powerful 360° partnership agreement between Lithoz and CNR-ISTEC’s spin-off ZENIT Smart Polycrystals, based in Faenza (IT), will support the further development and go-to-market of their patented process of 3D printing transparent polycrystal components with variable three- dimensional chemical compositions.

Lithoz, known for their integral way of cooperating with its customers, will not only support the ZENIT team on a technical level in perfectly aligning their process to the powerful LCM 3D printing technology considered to be the industrial standard for ceramic 3D printing, but the 360 degree approach will also consider Lithoz’s own expertise as both a spin-off and start-up in a highly innovative and dynamic market environment. Consequently, Lithoz will support their Italian partners along their way to entering the market in terms of answering questions related to innovation strategy, market analysis, licensing and organization.

Lithoz, who is this year celebrating the 11-year anniversary of its founding, was created as a spin-off from the TU Wien by Dr. Johannes Benedikt and Dr. Johannes Homa. Since then, the company has grown into the global market and innovation leader with a range of industry-trusted ceramic 3D printers used for various industrial and medical applications and has established its LCM technology as the industrial standard for ceramic 3D printing.

ZENIT Smart Polycrystals, founded last year, will use Lithoz’s reliable and powerful LCM process to take their invention to the next level, transforming it into a truly innovative product. The printed components feature varying three-dimensional compositions, creating an improved polycrystal material which clearly outperforms the current dominant laser-based technology. By using the ultra-precise LCM technology, which enables equal or superior material properties as those of components produced using conventional forming methods, these smart components can be made even more efficiently to improve performance and open the door to a new generation of exciting new projects.

Throughout their journey from start-up to global leader, Lithoz has always stood firmly behind its constructive partnerships with customers and innovators alike. As one of its main pillars of success right from the start, this proactive way of mutual exchange of experiences and know-how with customers not only forms an integral part of the company’s DNA, but also functions as one of their core values. Working together with clients, the company makes it possible to overcome obstacles and to find new methods to achieve their goals by providing maximum support in development by Lithoz experts and engineers.

Lithoz CEO Dr. Johannes Homa is delighted about this new 360° partnership agreement: “Having been working in research and industry for more than 10 years, it is fantastic to see how our industry is growing and being seen as one of the top markets to watch. Partnerships are one of our most important values at Lithoz and we invite any innovator looking for support in a challenging project to collaborate with us – we work together with our partners to overcome even the most difficult of technological challenges and to make the future of ceramics happen already today!”

Find out more about Lithoz at lithoz.com.

For more information about ZENIT, please visit zenitpolycrystals.it.

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