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MAHLE Powertrain relies on 3D printing for innovative battery model

MAHLE Powertrain (MPT) recently introduced a new model of its advanced M3x battery module. MPT, known for the development and integration of advanced powertrain systems, plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable transportation solutions. While the company continues to optimize traditional combustion engines, it is investing heavily in innovative solutions for the growing electric vehicle market.

The M3x battery module is characterized by superior cooling, a standardized design and a modular architecture. These features enable optimal thermal management and scalability, making it particularly interesting for high-performance electric vehicles. In order to convincingly present the advantages of this module at trade fairs and exhibitions, MPT needed a precise and appealing model in the shortest possible time.

This is where Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) came into play. MNL specializes in rapid prototyping and was able to meet MPT’s requirements perfectly. Due to the tight schedule, the team developed a comprehensive manufacturing approach that combined various techniques to create a robust and visually appealing model.

The model was made from a combination of laser-cut acrylic walls, CNC-milled side structures and decorative cladding. Of particular note is the use of SLA 3D printing for detailed front areas, which allowed for a high level of accuracy and detail. This hybrid construction ensured the necessary stability and aesthetics to be used at multiple exhibitions.

By working closely with MPT, MNL was able to ensure that all specific requirements were met. The team carried out extensive planning to develop a multi-functional manufacturing strategy that efficiently managed both cost and time. Once completed, the model was painted in-house and decorated with vinyl decals to maximize its visual appeal.

The end result was an impressive display model that effectively showcased MAHLE Powertrain’s advanced battery technology. Seamlessly integrated into a concept car, the model attracted a lot of interest at the show and underlined MPT’s innovative strength in the field of electric mobility.

MNL’s successful implementation of this project demonstrates how effectively the company combines modern manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining and laser cutting to deliver high-quality prototypes quickly. This expertise reinforces MNL’s reputation as a trusted partner for the development and presentation of pioneering technology projects.

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