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Materialise presents system for personalized temporomandibular joint prostheses

3D printing specialist Materialise has launched a system for personalized TMJ prostheses, a solution for the treatment of patients in need of a total temporomandibular joint (TMJ) prosthesis.

The TMJ, the area where the skull and jaw meet, allows the mouth to open and close. A clinical study with patients who have already received the personalized TMJ prosthesis showed a significant improvement in their quality of life, pain reduction, satisfaction and ability to eat compared to before the operation. Precise implant placement was reported in 97% of cases, while clinicians reported a 100% success rate of the TMJ system one year after surgery.

“Our TMJ Total Arthroplasty System provides a completely personalized solution. It allows the seamless transfer of the virtual preoperative surgical plan to the operation room, enabling the functional reconstruction of the temporomandibular joint,” said Maarten Zandbergen, Market Manager CMF at Materialise. “This comprehensive solution offers clinicians full support for this complex procedure. It truly facilitates personalized treatment by providing a complete system including virtual planning software and clinical engineering support, as well as surgical guides, screws, and the implant itself.”

The Materialise TMJ system’s fully digital approach guarantees efficiency and accuracy based on the individual anatomy. Clinicians work closely with experienced Materialise clinical engineers who carry out the digital planning process in close collaboration with the surgeon. The entire solution package comes from Materialise, making it compatible with the company’s full personalized cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) solutions and expanding access to personalized treatments.

“Our implants, instruments, 3D planning technology, and clinical support empower surgeons as they strive to achieve precise and reliable outcomes,” said Martijn Orye, CMF Market Specialist. “Personalized solutions are becoming the primary choice for more challenging or complex cases such as TMJ replacements. Our complete solution streamlines and speeds up what used to be a slow personalization process with other providers.”

Materialise’s personalized TMJ Total Arthroplasty system is currently available in Europe, the UK and Brazil. This development follows the opening of a new Materialise medical 3D printing facility in the US, which specializes in the production of personalized titanium CMF implants for facial reconstructive surgery and now enables faster delivery of personalized implants to hospitals in the US.

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