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MatterHackers announces collaboration with Formlabs

MatterHackers announces the acquisition of Source Graphics and a strategic partnership with Formlabs.

This strategic acquisition strengthens MatterHackers’ position in the Southern California market and enhances local support, delivery and maintenance services. In addition, this acquisition lays the foundation for a significant collaboration with Formlabs, a leader in professional 3D printing technology. This partnership aims to expand the availability and capabilities of additive manufacturing, opening up new areas of production.

“The collaboration between MatterHackers and Formlabs, catalyzed by our acquisition of Source Graphics, represents a shift in the 3D printing landscape,” said Kevin Pope, Chief Operating Officer at MatterHackers. “Formlabs has consistently been at the forefront of 3D printing innovation, and we are beyond excited to join forces with them. Together, we are committed to expanding the reach and capabilities of 3D printing technology, empowering creators and innovators to bring their visions to life.”

The acquisition of Source Graphics strengthens MatterHackers’ ability to meet the growing demand for Formlabs’ advanced 3D printing systems. Source Graphics’ expertise in providing comprehensive 3D printing solutions complements MatterHackers’ extensive knowledge and passion for excellent customer service and customized training solutions.

“This partnership with MatterHackers is another step towards Formlabs’ mission to enable anyone to bring their ideas to life,” said Daniela Hodgkins, Channel Sales Director at Formlabs. “MatterHackers has established a strong and trustworthy position in the United States as a provider of 3D printing solutions to a variety of market segments, and we look forward to continuing to gain market share with our SLA and SLS technologies through their reach.”

Dave Gaylord, Chief Technology Officer at MatterHackers, added, “we at MatterHackers are genuinely thrilled to integrate Formlabs’ groundbreaking technology into our offerings. Their reputation for innovation in 3D printing aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver the best to our community. It’s an exciting development for us and our audience alike. We are eager to see the incredible advancements and creative projects that will emerge from this partnership.”

This partnership sets a new standard for excellence and innovation in 3D printing. By combining MatterHackers’ sales strength with Formlabs’ revolutionary 3D printing technology, new opportunities will be created for businesses, educational institutions and hobbyists. This synergy will drive the industry forward and make advanced 3D printing more accessible and impactful than ever before.

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