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Mecuris terminates online services for orthopedic technology

Mecuris GmbH, a german based innovative medical technology startup that supports certified orthotist and prosthetic worldwide in digitally designing individual orthopedic devices, announces the discontinuation of its online services at the end of the year.

Since its founding in 2016, Mecuris has pursued the vision of improving the efficiency and quality of individual patient care through customized digital orthoses and prostheses. The company has achieved notable achievements and milestones along the way, including the launch of the first CE-marked 3D-printed prosthetic foot in 2018 and the development of a functional 3D-printed prosthetic foot for children. Additively manufactured prosthetic covers and individual orthoses were also at the heart of Mecuris, and the introduction of a digital lab – the Mecuris Solution Platform – to certified orthotists and prosthetists worldwide.

In 2021, Mecuris focused exclusively on its digital services, which enabled a rapid expansion of the web-based online tools on the Mecuris Solution Platform. The company played a leading role in the digitization of orthopedic technology, engaging in numerous research projects, participating in conferences, and authoring various publications.
Despite these successes and innovations, Mecuris could not achieve economic viability for various reasons. While the company’s technology and patents will live on in other products, Mecuris will discontinue the services of the Mecuris Solution Platform as of December 31, 2023. Customers and partners will be notified accordingly.

Mecuris reflects on an inspiring journey in digital orthopedic technology and expresses gratitude to all customers, partners, and supporters for their collaboration and support.

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