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Moncler and Zellerfeld jointly introduce 3D printed sneaker

Moncler has teamed up with Zellerfeld, an up-and-coming New York startup, to produce a joint sneaker. They have unveiled the Trailgrip 3D sneaker, which is entirely 3D printed from a single, recyclable material.

The Trailgrip 3D sneaker is a remake of Moncler’s Trailgrip sneaker, reinterpreted with Zellerfeld’s technology. The shoe was printed in one piece, which is beneficial for both the environment and production costs. The sneaker is part of Moncler’s fall/winter 2023 shoe show in Paris, titled “Studio Ascenti.” The shoe is presented in a monochrome stone-grey finish, with Moncler’s iconic 3D-printed logo on the heel.

Although the shoe is not currently available to the public, a future collaboration between Moncler and Zellerfeld could lead to wider availability of the shoe.

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