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Multistation and 3d Signals extend partnership to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption of factories in France

Multistation and 3d Signals are extending their partnership to bring plug-and-play machine digitalization, monitoring, and energy efficiency solutions to help French manufacturers of all sizes increase productivity and lower energy costs.

3d Signals, an Industry 4.0 technology company headquartered in Israel with offices in Germany and the US, has helped medium-sized and large manufacturers to increase productivity by tens of percentages in 2-3 months and reduce operational costs.

Multistation, a French digital and additive manufacturing engineering company, provides companies with equipment and engineering expertise for digital and additive manufacturing. The partnership now brings new capabilities to France to help French manufacturers increase production efficiency and reduce factory machine energy consumption:

  • Identify and resolve production bottlenecks in real-time
  • Increase machine availability and machine uptime
  • Increase factory throughput without adding more machines or more employees
  • Understand energy consumption for each machine, production line, and shift
  • Measure and eliminate wasted energy due to non-optimized processes
  • Prepare for ESG regulations and compliance
  • Find opportunities to improve energy efficiency, down to individual processes and machines

“Our partnership with Multistation gives French manufacturers a simple way to quickly increase machine uptime and factory throughput while also reducing their energy costs and CO2 emission, so they can enter green OEM supply-chains,” says CEO Ariel Rosenfeld. “With us, the entire factory can be digitalized in days, and we work with any machine, regardless of age or type.”

3d Signals and Multistation will help French manufacturers digitalize their production floors without all the customary headaches or expenses associated with Industry 4.0 projects. The process is simple and quick. Easy to deploy sensors attach to machine exteriors. The sensors provide real-time and continuous information about machine activity. This information is used for productivity and efficiency reporting, as well as real-time alerts about problems, like unplanned downtime when machines stop running.

“Using 3d Signals’ machine monitoring solution, we found situations where our production machines were under-utilized, ” says Fabrice Segura, Director of operations at VIRAX à EPERNAY, France. “Now our machine operators and managers get information to help them save time, and our operations team can plan with accuracy using precise data on machine uptime and shift performance. This helps us deliver on time and on budget while also cutting production costs.”

“Our digital and additive manufacturing customers are already benefiting from 3D printing technology. Now we are glad to provide them a holistic view of their shopfloors with 3d Signals production efficiency and energy reduction solutions, says Yannick Loisance, CEO at Multistation. “We are also able to bring this new technology to any company interested in quickly raising machine uptime and productivity.”

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