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Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital opens bioengineering lab with 3D printing technology

Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital in Mumbai, India, has launched a 3D printing medical laboratory to enable high-precision surgery.

Led by Dr. Manish Agarwal, Director of Surgical Oncology (Orthopaedics) at Nanavati Max Institute of Cancer Care, the lab aims to accelerate the production of bone models and cutting guides.

“Our in-house lab, equipped with the latest tools and an expert bioengineering team, enables the rapid production of bone models and cutting guides. Previously, outsourcing these services could take up to two weeks, but now, we can have these essential tools ready for our surgical team within 24 to 48 hours. In cancer treatment, where each day counts, such a rapid turnaround offers a dual benefit: it’s not only faster but also more cost-effective for our patients. Additionally, the use of open-source software and in-house resources makes this advanced technology highly affordable, further enhancing patient accessibility and care.” said Dr. Agarwal.

This innovative lab has two 3D printers that are capable of producing bone models to enable a better understanding of complex anatomical or pathological structures. Surgical incision guides are also produced to make the planning and execution of operations for bone cancer more precise. The use of open source software and internal resources makes this advanced technology affordable and improves accessibility and care for patients.

“Utilizing custom-made jigs, detailed bone models, and advanced navigational tools, our surgical planning is elevated to a level that significantly improves patient outcomes. These innovations not only aid in precise surgical interventions but also play a critical role in enhancing the overall quality of life for our patients.” added Dr Agarwal.

The 3D bone models are virtually designed based on CT scans and then produced by the 3D printers with unprecedented accuracy. While the bone models are used in surgical planning, the cutting guides fit perfectly on the patient’s bone and guide surgeons in precise excisions. This technology improves the precise delineation of tumor-affected areas to preserve healthy bone tissue and achieve optimal functional results without compromising treatment outcomes.

Mangla Dembi, Senior Vice President and Head, Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital said, “It is our constant endeavour at Nanavati Max to be ahead of the curve in providing the best technology for the internally comparable clinical outcomes. The introduction of the 3D printing facility within out hospital is a testimony of our commitment to offer accessible and affordable technology for precision surgery.”

This integration of technology and clinical excellence extends beyond orthopaedics and head and neck oncology to general orthopaedic, maxillofacial and plastic surgery. The use of advanced technologies in various fields is revolutionizing healthcare in unprecedented ways.

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