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NASA to Send Upgraded Made in Space 3D Printer to ISS

With the launch of the cargo delivery spacecraft this Tuesday, NASA is going to send an advanced version of the already installed Made in Space 3D printer to the International Space Station.

According to Brad Kohlenberg from the California-based manufacturer Made in Space, the new 3D printer will be able to work with multiple materials and has about eight times the print volume of the current device. Moreover, the new version is able to print faster and with a higher resolution than the previous one.

After installing the first 3D printer on the ISS in November 2014, it successfully produced the first object ever 3D printed in zero gravity, which was a faceplate of its own extruder casing with the words “Made In Space”. After completing its task to 3D print a total of 25 objects, these printouts were send back to earth in February 2015. Among them a 3D printed wrench based on a file that was sent to the space station via e-mail.

First generation of Zero-G Printer
First generation of Zero-G Printer by Made in Space

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