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New ISO standard for quality assurance in 3D printing of buildings

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published the new ISO/ASTM 52939:2023 standard for 3D printing in construction together with the US standards organization ASTM. This is intended to define binding quality criteria for the additive manufacturing of building components for the first time.

As the ISO emphasizes, the booming industry has so far lacked uniform guidelines for the approval and certification of 3D-printed houses, for example. The requirements that have now been defined are intended to ensure process control, risk minimization and reproducible quality.

The standard applies to all common 3D printing processes in the construction industry, both for private residential buildings and infrastructure projects. Among other things, it stipulates that all process steps must be monitored by locally certified engineers. It does not cover topics such as plant safety or material tests.

According to ISO, 3D printing helps to overcome current challenges in the construction industry such as a shortage of skilled workers, delays and material waste. In addition, the demand for fast, affordable and sustainable building construction is continuing to rise as the population grows.

With the new ISO/ASTM standard, the entire value chain is now to be standardized. In the long term, this should also increase the confidence of building owners and investors in the technology.

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