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Prototal UK joins the Roboze Distributed Manufacturing Network

A new innovative partnership fuels the future of production digitalization: Prototal Industries UK Site, Prototal UK and Roboze join forces to accelerate the uptake of high-performance polymers in additive manufacturing whilst also looking to disrupt the classic production model in favor of a distributed and local production.

The upheavals of recent decades forged by economic, geopolitical and health crises have put a strain on the global manufacturing sector and more and more organizations are looking for new methods and technologies to cope with the rapid deformations of the market, learning and creating new competitive advantages. Among the topics of greatest interest, the distributed production approach is increasingly popular within the industrial community. Furthermore, this context is also forcing companies to reconsider their choices regarding the raw materials used, especially in the world of metal, where there is a price increase both upstream and along the entire transformation chain.

Distributed production involves the allocation of manufacturing centers close to the point of use, contributing to the digital transformation of businesses and enabling them to offer new savings and business opportunities. Up until now it has always been linked to small realities, the trend of “reshoring” in the last period has no longer exclusively involved small manufacturing networks, but also international realities that have identified numerous benefits – economic, social and environmental ones – attributable to the use of this strategic model.

Prototal Industries, currently with sites spanning 6 countries in Europe, has been providing additive manufacturing services with high-performance polymers for over 20 years, and Roboze, supplier of the most industrialized 3D printers in the world specialized in the production of parts with super polymers and composite materials, are strongly convinced of this new strategic model. Roboze’s polymers and composites allow the replacement of metals in various industrial applications especially for those sectors such as aerospace and defense, transportation and automation, where weight plays a key role in determining efficiency, with prices of the raw material much less volatile than metals.

Renowned worldwide for manufacturing high performance polymer components with unmatched quality standards, Prototal UK is the preferred additive manufacturing supplier for thousands of customers in the aerospace, motorsport, automotive, medical and industrial sectors globally.

“We are delighted to have added the Roboze technology to our additive manufacturing offering. The potential this machine has to disrupt the polymer and metal additive manufacturing divide is vast and we can’t wait to share the benefits of this with our customers. Being part of the 3D parts network also allows us to have a great technical partnership with Roboze and collaboratively educate the UK market.” Says Martin Nottingham MD

The Roboze 3D Parts network is composed of certified centers spread throughout the world, which have decided to support the Roboze Distributed Manufacturing model. Through the dedicated digital platform, demand connects directly with supply using an on-demand and just in time additive manufacturing service, avoiding waste, reducing shipments and CO2 emissions, and bringing the value of production back to the point of use.

“This is a great time for Roboze! Gaining the trust of a player like Prototal adds great enthusiasm for the team and for the entire Roboze 3D Parts network” says Giancarlo Scianatico, Roboze EMEA Business Director. “Their experience will allow us to scale our model even further and quickly reach the goal of digital transition and sustainability of producers around the world. A new way of doing things is possible and with Prototal UK this is now more concrete than ever!”

“We are extremely proud to have our first Roboze ARGO 500 on site and be the first UK service provider to do so. We recognize the Roboze technological ecosystem as a strong enabler of the Manufacturing as a Service model. As the first adopter of Roboze in the Prototal family, we are very excited to see what the future holds” concludes Mr. Nottingham.

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