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Prusa Research announces price for its automated 3D printing farm

Czech 3D printer manufacturer Prosa Research has announced new details about its “Automated Farm System” (AFS), an automated amalgamation of multiple 3D printers. The new product was presented for the first time at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

Automated Farm System by Prusa Research is a complex industrial-level 3D printing solution. The scalable print farm offers sophisticated print management tools and an automatic collection of finished prints. Last year, the concept was introduced during the Dubai World Expo. During the six months of the exhibition, the print farm presented in the Czech pavilion proved itself in a demanding continuous operation.

Prusa Research now also announced its price, which will start at 45.000 EUR / 50.000 USD (VAT excl.). Training courses and maintenance plans are available, including on-site support and immediate printer replacement. The AFS also features Prusa Connect software for effective task planning and print management.

Next year, the Original Prusa AFS will be shipped to its first customers which were selected by Prusa Research.

Josef Prusa, the CEO of the company explains: “The demand greatly exceeds our production capabilities, therefore, for the first phase, we have chosen companies that are geographically close to us and represent the application of 3D printing in various lines of business.”

These first companies include MOTOISM (custom-made motorcycle parts, Germany), SCHLEIF-TEC (prototyping, Austria), the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (education, Germany), and Oratek (innovative technological solutions, Switzerland).

“We really appreciate that we managed to establish cooperation with such an interesting group of partners that are really going to utilize the capabilities of the AFS to the fullest. We expect really close cooperation and collecting a lot of feedback enabling us to improve our solution even further”, says Josef Prusa.

Find out more about Prusa at prusa3d.com.

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