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Quantica and ImageXpert enter into partnership for inkjet 3D-printing

Quantica, a pioneer in the field of additive manufacturing, and ImageXpert, a specialist in image analysis systems, have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to push the boundaries of inkjet printing by integrating innovative technologies for handling high-viscosity inks.

The focus is on Quantica’s NovoJet printhead technology, which enables printing with highly viscous and particle-rich materials – a significant step towards revolutionizing digital manufacturing processes and opening up new possibilities in material development and printing.

The collaboration begins with the integration of Quantica’s JetPack into ImageXpert’s JetXpert systems. This combination enables unprecedented precision in the analysis and optimization of printing materials by allowing drop shape, volume and speed to be examined in real time. The synergy of both technologies promises to significantly accelerate the research and development of new materials for inkjet applications.

The first delivery of the integrated system is planned for the second quarter of 2024, with an official presentation at LOPEC 2024 in Munich. This partnership underlines the commitment of both companies to expand the capabilities and range of applications of inkjet printing.

Quantica, which is already working on a large number of applications for the electronics industry, sees this cooperation as a decisive step towards expanding the range of applications for its NovoJet technology.

Quantica CTO Ramon Borrell is enthusiastic about the cooperation: “We are very pleased about the partnership with ImageXpert because it will advance inkjet technology and the development of innovative materials. The collaboration expands the scope of our NovoJet technology.”

Paul Best, CEO of ImageXpert, confirms: “We believe this partnership will redefine the possibilities of inkjet technology. The integration of our analytical systems with Quantica’s innovative printheads will provide customers with the tools and reliability needed to realize novel applications in inkjet technology for the first time.”

This partnership marks an important moment in overcoming previous limitations of inkjet technology and material development, with far-reaching benefits for various industries. The launch of the integrated system in May 2024 will provide an innovative solution for the research and development of new materials in the field of 3D printing and beyond.

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