Home Industry ROBOZE becomes official 3D printing partner of Envision Racing in Formula E

ROBOZE becomes official 3D printing partner of Envision Racing in Formula E

ROBOZE has been appointed by Envision Racing as the official supplier of 3D printing solutions for the production of superpolymer and composite components in Formula E. This partnership aims to improve the performance of the Envision Racing Formula E team through the use of additive technologies and strategic materials.

The all-electric world championship racing series, Formula E, provides the ideal platform to demonstrate how technology and sustainability can go hand in hand. Thanks to ROBOZE’s expertise in high-precision 3D printing and the use of advanced composite materials, Envision Racing can reduce component weight, avoid costly and time-consuming manufacturing errors and improve efficiency and sustainability.

“The choice of Envision Racing to collaborate with us is a great satisfaction.”, says Alessio Lorusso, CEO of ROBOZE. “We are excited to contribute to the performance of Envision Racing, while also demonstrating the potential of our additive manufacturing solutions for high-level applications.”

By using ROBOZE’s high performance composite materials such as Carbon PA PRO and Carbon PEEK, Envision Racing can produce lightweight but highly durable components. In the race against climate change, reducing the weight of manufactured components and tooling is a constant challenge for the team, who are continually looking for solutions to reduce the weight of their cargo. However, the lightweight nature of these materials is not the only sustainability factor that sets ROBOZE apart. The materials also offer increased durability which, combined with ROBOZE’s high-precision technology, helps to reduce waste.

“Partnering with ROBOZE offers us a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of technology and improve performance,” says Sylvain Filippi, Managing Director and CTO of Envision Racing. “In a championship like Formula E, where every millisecond counts, innovation is the key to success. Moreover, we share a common vision with ROBOZE for a more sustainable future.”

This partnership not only marks a step forward in the team’s technological development, but also serves as a model for how the automotive and technology industries can work together for a greener and more sustainable future.

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