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Sakuu introduces High-Energy Li-Metal Cypress Battery-Technology

Sakuu Corporation, a 3D printing battery specialist, unveiled safer, high-energy Li-Metal Cypress cell chemistry with high power density.



“Our proprietary lithium-metal battery chemistry delivers key cell performance and safety attributes that enable a new paradigm in battery manufacturing and energy storage,” said Sakuu Founder and CEO Robert Bagheri. “We are pleased to launch our Cypress cell chemistry for licensing to today’s battery manufacturers, using roll-to-roll manufacturing technology. We at Sakuu are excited to enable the acceleration of electrification for mobility and other markets.”

The Cypress cell chemistry offers high performance (8C pulse discharge, 3C continuous discharge) and energy density of over 750 Wh/l. Sample cells are available at Sakuu’s battery pilot plant in Silicon Valley.

“Lithium-metal battery chemistries produce increased energy density and additional performance benefits, but typically present development challenges due to high reactivity,” said Sakuu Senior Vice President Arwed Niestroj, a veteran within the automotive industry. “With Cypress, Sakuu has solved these issues through novel electrochemistry, making lithium-metal chemistry ready for scalable production. The compatibility with 3D-printing will further enhance the effective use of battery packaging volume with new and unique approaches to thermal management. Li-Metal cells have advantages that Sakuu has made attainable, scalable, and safe. Manufacturers can now license this technology.”

Sakuu has made significant advances in battery innovation this year, including the first fully functional 3D-printed lithium metal battery and the first 3D-printed lithium metal battery in a custom form factor.

Find out more about Sakuu at sakuu.com.

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