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Sanjay Mortimer Foundation established for neurodiverse talents

A new foundation with the aim of supporting neurodiverse talent has recently been established in the UK. The “Sanjay Mortimer Foundation” was named after the late technology pioneer Sanjay Mortimer, who himself lived with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Sanjay Mortimer was one of the co-founders of E3D and a visionary in the 3D printing industry. E3D-Online is a manufacturer of advanced, high-quality extruder and hot-end parts for numerous major 3D printer brands worldwide. Mortimer passed away in 2021.

According to the founders of the foundation, many people with neurological conditions have exceptional abilities that are often overlooked in the traditional education system. As a result, neurodiverse pupils are often demotivated and drop out of school.

The new foundation has therefore set itself the goal of discovering and promoting these hidden talents at an early stage through practical learning approaches such as 3D printing. The aim is to give young people the opportunity to build their self-confidence and fully develop their unique abilities.

To support its work, the foundation is asking for donations and partnerships with like-minded people. To kick things off, a festival around 3D printing technologies is planned for December at the University of Oxford.

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