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Sciaky, Inc. to showcase its EBAM 3D printing solutions at Formnext 2022

Sciaky, Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) and supplier of industrial metal 3D printing solutions, announced that they are exhibiting at Formnext22 in Frankfurt from November 15-18, 2022. Sciaky will exhibit aerospace components and refractory metal test articles at Formnext made with their patented Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) machines, and will discuss their Electron Beam Welding (EBW) capabilities.

Recent publicized developments from Sciaky include a record deposition rate of 40lb/hr for titanium, the sale of an EBAM machine to Turkish Aerospace Industries with the capacity to deposit or weld across a 6 meter long, 2 meter wide, and 1.8 meter high window, and President Biden’s first look at EBAM technology through Lockheed Martin’s production of titanium propellant tanks for space satellites. The Sciaky Global Sales Team will be present to showcase Sciaky’s latest innovations, explain the process and design ideals behind EBAM and EBW, and to assist in implementing either (or both) to an application.

Additionally, Sciaky’s Global Sales Manager John O’Hara will present on Sciaky Machines’ capacity to switch between EBAM and EBW modes, allowing its customers to accomplish multiple production steps with the same machine. The presentation will demonstrate how Sciaky’s customers have implemented this capability, and the design considerations behind their usage of both EBAM and EBW. The presentation will take place on the introducing stage at Formnext22 on Wednesday, November 16, at 12:00pm CET.

“We are happy to be at Formnext for another year,” said Scott Phillips, President and CEO of Sciaky, Inc. “We’ve seen EBAM producing parts both bigger and faster year-over-year, all while improving quality, and we hope that manufacturers will build off of our innovations to save themselves both time and money making the biggest parts in their industry.”

As the most widely scalable metal additive manufacturing solution in the industry (in terms of work envelope), Sciaky’s EBAM systems can produce parts ranging from 8 inches (203 mm) to 20 feet (> 6 meters) in length. EBAM is also the fastest deposition process in the metal additive manufacturing market, with gross deposition rates ranging from seven to 40 lbs. (3.18 to 18.14 kg) of metal per hour.

EBAM brings quality and control together with IRISS – the Interlayer Real-time Imaging and Sensing System, which is the only real-time adaptive control system in the metal 3D printing market that can sense and digitally self-adjust metal deposition with precision and repeatability. This innovative closed-loop control is the primary reason that Sciaky’s EBAM 3D printing process delivers consistent part geometry, mechanical properties, microstructure, and metal chemistry, from the first part to the last.

Find out more about Sciaky at sciaky.com.

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