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SolidWorld GROUP displays a Human Brain with a Tumor in 3D

Bio3DModel 3D-printed an exact copy of a brain from photopolymer resins based on the patient’s MRI scan. The model was used to prepare for a complex surgery to remove brain tumor masses at an Italian healthcare facility.

This feat was achieved by the group’s team of biomedical engineers. The model was produced by Bio3DModel S.r.l., a company specializing in 3D printing in healthcare and based in the Barberino Tavarnelle technology center (Florence). The project was carried out in an Italian hospital and can be replicated in other medical facilities upon request.

The global biomedical 3D printing market is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.12% in the coming years, with a projected acceleration of more than $3.4 billion during the period 2022-2027.

SolidWorld Group Chairperson Roberto Rizzo comments: “This is an extraordinary technology in which 3D technology is able to give real and concrete support to surgical and oncology medicine. The benefits from having an exact replica of a diseased organ are considerable. It in particular provides surgeons with a more effective tool to prepare for surgery, decreasing the margins of error. The biomedical 3D printing sector for Solidworld Group therefore represents a key development axis, which together with the industrial sector, allows us to boost the introduction of advanced technologies in different sectors, with the aim of improving performance and processes, improving results and reducing the time and costs of implementation.”

The copy of the diseased organ was printed using Stratasys J750 DAP 3D printer and photopolymer resins that closely resemble organic matter. Differently colored resins highlight different anatomical elements: the tumor is magenta, the subcortical edema is blue, and the rest of the brain is transparent.

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