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Start-up presents functional American football from the 3D printer

Slant 3D has developed a technical innovation for a centuries-old sport: An American football that does not require air pressure thanks to 3D printing. In contrast to the inflatable original, a complex internal structure provides the necessary stability.

As Slant 3D explains in a new video, conventional footballs are subject to a constant loss of air pressure due to temperature fluctuations. This can change the flight characteristics of the ball – a serious problem, especially in outdoor sports such as football.

To eliminate this shortcoming, the start-up relies on additive manufacturing. Using 3D printing, delicate support structures can be created inside the ball to provide the necessary support.

The result is a football that hardly differs from the normal original – both visually and haptically. The big advantage, however, is the consistency of the air pressure. The startup believes that this could prevent failures such as “deflategate” in the future. The technology also opens up new possibilities for special training balls.

The 3D-printed football made of TPU can be pre-ordered from the company for just under 90 US dollars. Delivery is planned for April.

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