Home Industry Startup 1000 Kelvin and Fieldmade enter into 3D printing partnership

Startup 1000 Kelvin and Fieldmade enter into 3D printing partnership

The startup 1000 Kelvin, a specialist in AI software for 3D printing, announced a partnership with the Norwegian company Fieldmade at the MilAM trade fair. Together, they want to simplify the use of 3D printers directly on site.

Fieldmade specializes in the development of mobile 3D printers for outdoor use. Their portable NOMAD printers are designed to enable 3D printing even under difficult conditions. Thanks to the cooperation with 1000 Kelvin, personalized equipment can now also be produced ad hoc.

“Our vision is to make 3D printing as easy as a vending machine,” says Fieldmade CEO Jostein Olsen. “The integration of 1000 Kelvin’s AI software is a big step in this direction.”

In fact, 1000 Kelvin’s AMAIZE AI software enables even non-experts in 3D printing to produce high-quality parts. It automatically compensates for errors in the print settings. Previously, the optimization of print profiles had to be carried out by experts at great expense.

According to co-founder Omar Fergani, AMAIZE not only saves costs and time. The technology could save lives, especially in the military, if the required equipment can be printed on site within hours.

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