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Stewart-Haas Racing and 3D Systems optimize NASCAR Ford Mustang Dark Horse

Stewart-Haas Racing, in collaboration with 3D printing specialist 3D Systems, has developed a method to maximize the aerodynamic efficiency of the new 2024 NASCAR Ford Mustang Dark Horse. Through the innovative use of 3D printing and precise CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, numerous body panel designs were tested to find the optimal shape.

Using the SLA machines and 3D Sprint software from 3D Systems, it was possible to design a body that combines the stylistic appeal of the production car with the necessary aerodynamic performance. The engineers at Stewart-Haas Racing used CAD software to develop several design concepts for the body panels. These concepts were tested in a virtual wind tunnel to identify the best designs.

The selected body panels were printed using 3D Systems’ ProX 800 and attached to the car’s substructure. This allowed the overall body shape to be defined using 3D printed tiles. In the wind tunnel tests, these tiles were added or removed as needed to test and optimize various aerodynamic properties.

Each test run represented a specific design concept whose aerodynamic properties were carefully analyzed. This precise data enabled the engineers to continuously improve the shape of the car’s bodywork and achieve the best possible aerodynamic performance. This advanced method allowed Stewart-Haas Racing to significantly advance the development of the Ford Mustang Dark Horse and adapt it to the demanding requirements of racing.

With this innovative approach, Stewart-Haas Racing is demonstrating how advanced 3D printing technologies and computer-aided analysis can be used to revolutionize vehicle development in motorsports. This collaboration highlights the potential of 3D printing to improve the aerodynamic efficiency and overall performance of race cars.

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