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Tritone Technologies and Impact Labs: New partnership strengthens 3D printing in Israel

Tritone Technologies, a global provider of metal and ceramic additive manufacturing technology for industrial production, today announced that Impact Labs, an Israeli hardware and additive manufacturing (AM) innovation center, has added the Tritone Dim system to its portfolio of versatile AM machines. This addition will enable Impact Labs to additively manufacture metal and ceramic parts on an industrial scale.

The successful installation of the Tritone Dim system at Impact Labs, an Israeli innovation hub focused on validating new processes and applications in the AM industry, marks an important step for Tritone. By utilizing Tritone’s MoldJet technology, Impact Labs can increase productivity and expand the range of materials they can offer to their growing customer base.

The project at Impact Labs is the result of a campaign by SU-PAD, Tritone’s exclusive distributor in Israel. This partnership strengthens Tritone’s presence in Israel and therefore globally, alongside their already established reach in Europe and the United States.

“Impact Labs has a vision to enable our customers to bypass the high barriers of owning an industrial AM machine and allow R&D and manufacturing access to the knowledge and operations of our printers and infrastructure”, says Idan Keisar, Co-founder of Impact Labs. “We are a meeting place for humans and machines in order to quickly solve challenges, so adding a new technology that enables us to switch between metal materials twice a day helps us boost innovation that creates new AM applications, which is the actual frontier for AM market today”.

“Tritone’s innovative technology successfully tackles critical challenges within the Metal AM sector”, says Ziv Sadeh, CEO, SU-PAD. “Allowing for Tritone’s Dim system to manufacture metal and ceramic parts in Israel will provide companies in the industry the ability to offer complex features they couldn’t offer in the past, thus allowing them to reach potential customers they couldn’t reach before”.

Tritone’s MoldJet technology not only enables the industrial production of high-quality metal and ceramic parts at high speed, but also supports the development of new products and promotes research and development processes. This technology is specifically designed for the production of large volumes of high-density parts with complex geometries, using a variety of metal and ceramic materials. This enables the parallel production of parts of different sizes, shapes and applications. In addition, MoldJet technology offers manufacturers great flexibility by supporting quick and easy switching between a wide range of metal and ceramic materials.

“Impact Labs and Tritone share a common objective, to elevate the manufacturers’ capabilities by introducing a cutting-edge AM technology”, says Ohad Dolev, Director of Business Dev. & Application, Tritone Technologies. “Our goal is to expand the use of MoldJet and answer the needs of companies to manufacture parts they couldn’t do before. This strategic move establishes Tritone’s value proposition and will significantly help increase Tritone’s presence in these dynamic markets”.

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