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UOP Holds International 3D Conference

Building upon the expertise gathered from several fields of 3D printing research, the University of Pécs, Hungary, has been building a unique multidisciplinary 3D printing hub. In 2014, it established the PTE 3D Project, as a result of a regional strategic policy proposed by the University’s Rector. Headed by Dr. Miklós Nyitrai, the PTE 3D Project launched the first International 3D Conference in 2015. The success of the first two editions has led to the third International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference , which will be held on October 5th and 6th, at the University’s Szentágothai János Research Center.

This year’s edition will see the participation as exhibitors of several industry leaders including Stratasys,3D Systems and Formlabs, as well as presentations by Formlabs’ Nicolas Klaus, Business Development Europe, and international lawyer Mathias Klümper. Several keynotes by leading international experts from Hong Kong, Finland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland and the USA will be covering all aspects of 3D printing, from medical applications to advanced manufacturing, art and design.

Building on a Strong Foundation

Academic 3D printing research in Hungary can leverage extensive expertise in the biomedical and bioprinting segments – including medical rehabilitation and dentistry – as well as multidisciplinary applications in industrial manufacturing, arts and design.

Attendees to the UOP’s 3rd International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference will have opportunity to experience a glimpse into a future in which personalized medicine applications will play a major role. Dr. Mirja Palo will present her latest work on 3D printing of pharmaceutical and drug delivery devices. Guests will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in 3D modeling for cardiac surgery planning and accessible e-Nable prosthetics.

Dr. Judit Pongracz, Director of UOP’s Bioprinting Research Team, will hold a lecture describing the latest achievements and remaining challenges toward a more widespread adoption of bioprinting applications. Finally, Mr. José Luis Pons Rovira, will present his work on the use of 3D printing for Rehabilitation Robotics.

The art and design sections of the conference will be enriched by keynote from Amy Kalre, a notable American Transmedia artist and designer whose work engages questions with respect to defining human characteristics by creating projects on, around or about the human body. Finally, a spokesperson from leading international 3D printing service Materialise will provide insights on how 3D printing technology can now be accessed by everyone, for any kind of manufacturing need.

Present and Future of 3D Printing

The International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference series of events mark the success of the University’s 3D Project, which has just completed a first phase with the creation of personal areas for research and development. Research teams have now been effectively organized and many of them have begun reaching out to, and networking with, industrial partners.

PTE 3D is currently offering professional support to several interdisciplinary projects and contractors between the various University Faculties, including the PTE MS Medi Skill Lab, PTE-E-Health projects, Neural Rehabilitation and Human-Machine Research Center. Additionally, the Project is aligned with education development in cooperation with Zinemath Ltd and Ottobock Hungária Ltd.

The UOP 3D Print Project Facility was awarded an impressive 1.8 billion HUF (about 6 million euro) as a financial gift, in recognition of the GINOP-2.3.2-15 contract, which supports and enhances the Print Facility to ultimately achieve its goals and share its benefits throughout the neighboring communities of Central Europe.

The 3D Center is currently undergoing construction and the procurement of technological equipment is in process. The first shipment of highly sophisticated 3D printers is expected to arrive in late 2017. The 3D Center’s strategy for the near future includes the establishment of a professional Innovation Center supporting of the University of Pecs, ideally offering faculty, staff and students – and all the citizens of Pécs – the opportunity to effectively participate in the research process that will drive the future of manufacturing.

Contacts: Ms. Luca Tóth | conference@pte3d.hu | info@pte3d.hu

Mr. Miklós Nyitrai miklos.nyitrai@aok.pte.hu

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