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VDM and Rosswag enter into partnership for corrosion-resistant AM powder

VDM Metals and Rosswag Engineering, a German service provider in the field of metal 3D printing, announced that they are working together on the development of their innovative powder material VDM Powder Alloy 699 XA for industrial applications.

VDM Powder Alloy 699 XA is a nickel-chromium-aluminum alloy specially developed for use in highly corrosive environments, such as those often found in the petrochemical industry. It is used, for example, in synthesis gas processes for the production of hydrogen, ammonia, methanol or in the cooling of synthesis gas in the production of e-fuels.

After extensive testing, the material was qualified at Rosswag and is now ready for use in prototypes and series applications. Official certification of the material for pressure equipment in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive is expected in 2024.

“The powder material VDM Powder Alloy 699 XA was specifically developed for its exceptional resistance to Metal Dusting, an extreme form of carburization. This characteristic makes it ideally suited for demanding industrial applications. Moreover, its excellent weldability facilitates the widespread use of this alloy for the chemical process industry and other high-temperature and corrosive applications,” said Dr. Tatiana Hentrich, Vice President of Sales Metal Powder at VDM Metals.

Philipp Schwarz, Business Development Manager at Rosswag Engineering sees benefits for metal-based 3D printing in this partnership: “With the material VDM® Powder Alloy 699 XA, we complement our extensive material portfolio for industrial metal 3D printing. We can now produce highly stressed components with statistically validated material properties up to 600 °C.”

Both companies are excited about the new opportunities offered by this partnership and look forward to working together to expand the range of applications for metal-based 3D printing.

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