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Vertex Manufacturing rebrands company as ‘Zeda’

PrinterPrezz and its subsidiary Vertex Manufacturing, which specializes in advanced 3D manufacturing and nanotech solutions for the medical, aerospace, defense and aviation industries, will now rebrand and operate under the new company name Zeda.

The Zeda name reflects the company’s “Z to A” approach, which means we start first with the customer in mind and end with a product.

Zeda also represents the strength of both companies and their progress in the last five years in our target markets, by combining cutting-edge advanced manufacturing processes with semiconductor technologies.

Initially created to address the evolving needs of the orthopedic devices industry, the company has proven itself as an invaluable partner to companies in all highly regulated industries, such as medical, space, defense, semiconductor, and aerospace industries.

The newly rebranded company, Zeda, grew exponentially, both organically and through the strategic acquisitions. Vertex was one such acquisition and was founded and led by manufacturing pioneer Greg Morris.

Zeda now has 140,000 sq-ft across multiple advanced facilities in Silicon Valley, California, New Jersey, Ohio, and Singapore.

“In 2018, we entered a new territory with advanced manufacturing of medical devices for the global orthopedic market. By combining advanced manufacturing processes, like 3D printing, with technologies from the semiconductor industry, we are able to customize and reduce cost of medical devices for the global population,” said Zeda CEO Shri Shetty. “It wasn’t long before we realized that the fusion of these technologies could revolutionize not just healthcare, but advancements in the space, defense, semiconductor, and aerospace industries. Zeda reflects where we came from, where we are today, and where we intend to go.”

“This is the next chapter in our growth,” said Greg Morris, CTO of Zeda. “As one brand, we are in a stronger position to leverage the full capabilities of both companies more effectively. Over the past year, our Cincinnati team has experienced unparalleled growth across all areas of our business, but most importantly, our existing customers can continue to trust and count on us.”

Find out more about Zeda at vertexmanufacturing.com.

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