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WASP 3D Printer Creates Modular Reinforced Concrete Beam

WASP, an Italian project founded to work together on the mission of 3D printing affordable housing, has just released exciting news about the latest achievement of their 4 meter high BIGDELTA WASP: a 3D printed modular reinforced concrete beam.

This 3 meter long beam certainly represents a huge milestone in achieving their mission’s goal. It was created by Professor Domenico Asprone and his team at the University Federico II in Naples, who were provided a BIGDELTA WASP. The research project was carried out in collaboration with the Stress Consortium and the University of Pavia.

Domenico Asprone explained: “This new technology promises to streamline the forms and save material, thus lightening the reinforced concrete elements and reducing costs and environmental impacts. The possibility to obtain complex shapes then, paves the way to new uses of reinforced concrete beyond the conventional ones, with aesthetic properties and design.”


While using concrete was not on WASP’s mind when embarking on their mission of 3D printed houses made out of 100% natural materials, they have realised that for now they cannot quite rule out the material yet. According to WASP, it is still possible to cut down pollution by 50% when using concrete to 3D print modular structures.

Marco Iuorio from the Stress Consortium, a high-tech district of sustainable buildings, points out: “3D printing allows you to create curved, hollow elements with special features that would normally require complicated wooden shapes (moulds).” This also results in considerably higher costs.

The beam will now undergo a series of tests, also to check the mechanical performance of the reinforced concrete material.

Thanks to these new technologies we could say we are moving towards the House of the Future,” writes WASP.

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