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ZeitDruck3D enables tile designs through 3D printing

The company ZeitDruck3D has developed a solution for custom-made tiles. By using 3D printing and digital decoration technology, tiles can be produced with a high level of detail and precision.

The process is based on optimized 3D printing technology. Customers simply send the desired tile dimensions and a photo of the design. ZeitDruck3D reconstructs the tile on the computer and then 3D prints it. During the printing process, a special silicone coating is applied to seal the surface and make it durable. Finally, the tiles receive a high-quality digital print of the decorative pattern.

This means that damaged tiles can be replaced individually without having to re-tile the entire area – a cost and time saving. Thanks to additive manufacturing, the tiles are also significantly lighter than conventional tiles, which makes transportation and installation easier.

In addition, ZeitDruck3D is expanding its portfolio and now also offers the option of printing custom-made washbasins. With a selection of five standard designs and ongoing developments of further models, customers have a wide range of options to realize their personal aesthetic.

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