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The 3D Hubs 3D Printer Guide 2017 Is Out

Every year 3D Hubs, the largest online community of connected 3D printers, brings out a guide for the best 3D printers from different categories.

The ratings of the 3D printers come from over 8.600 reviews which took the users over 900 hours of writing. This knowledge translates into nearly 5.000 years of experience with more than a million of printed parts on the tested 3D printers.

This years categories are Prosumer, Workhorse, Budget, Plug´n´Play and SLS for industrial users. The best of the best 3D printers come from Ultimaker, Formlabs, Zortrax, MakerGear, LulzBot, CEL Robox, Printrbot, BCN3D and FlashForge.

You can check out 3D Hubs´ 3D Printer Guide 2017 here.