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3D printing in surgery: First use of MySpine Cervical in the USA

MedStar Washington Hospital Center announces the first successful use of MySpine Cervical 3D printing technology in the US. The technology enables more precise cervical spine procedures, resulting in shorter surgery times and improved patient outcomes.

Posterior cervical spine surgery and fusion involves procedures on the back of the neck to treat conditions of the back and neck bones, discs and nerves to relieve pressure or reduce pain. These surgeries often use specialized screws and rods to stabilize the neck. MySpine Patient-Matched 3D-printed technology now creates patient-specific guides for precise screw placement, reducing surgery times and improving outcomes for patients and surgeons.

“The MySpine Cervical technology is another arsenal in our cervical spine surgery toolbox for accurate screw placement,” said Dr. Oliver Tannous, an orthopedic spine surgeon at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. “While non-guided techniques come with some risks and drawbacks, the MySpine technology allows for greater accuracy and faster surgery. That means patients spend less time on the operating table with less blood loss and faster recovery.”

Before the operation, patients undergo a CT scan. MySpine Cervical technology converts these CT images and creates 3D anatomical models or guides of the neck. These customized 3D guides help surgeons plan and prepare for surgery and determine exactly where to place the screws for the best results. This pre-operative planning not only shortens the time patients spend in the operating room, but also reduces the risk of complications.

To date, Dr. Tannous has performed more than 200 MySpine cases in the thoracic and lumbar spine and has completed several MySpine Cervical surgeries. MySpine Cervical is a significant addition to Medacta International’s MySpine platform, which provides patient-specific guidance for the spinal vertebrae.

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