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3DPrinterOS Releases Educational and Premium Licenses

3DPrinterOS announces the release of educational and premium licenses with partners including Dynamism, 3D Connectors, 3D Printlife, CreativeTools and 3dortgen. The educational license was developed with input and testing from schools such as Duke, Purdue and Florida State and gives schools the ability to easily distribute and track access to 3D printers’ campus wide. The premium license gives users access to a direct print API and exclusive applications such as Virtual Factory. These licenses are in addition to the free 3DPrinterOS licenses users already enjoy.

The 3DPrinterOS educational license brings connected printing capabilities to almost any make or model 3D printer. You can manage your printer from a web dashboard that also supports multiple printers. So if you’re a school or university with several 3D printers, you only have one place to go to monitor your print jobs.

3dprinteros_edu“In the first four weeks of operation our students have accumulated 1478 hours of 3D printing across 601 print jobs. We did this using only seven printers and a small student support staff.  3DPrinterOS allowed us to maximize output while minimizing input and at the same time gave a tool to our makers that is simple, easy to use, and requires a minimum amount of training.” – Chip Bobbert, Digital Media Engineer at Duke

Now schools can invest in 3D printing without worrying about retraining staff for each specific printers’ workflow, and students have a seamless experience as schools expand their 3D printing curriculum. This license gives admins immediate access to powerful data tracking and reporting tools to analyze, monitor and audit every part of the additive manufacturing process.

We use 3DPrinterOS to track the quantity of prints going through our doors and the amount of active users we have. We can use this data as a point for calculating funding and costs for semesters to come.”– Davin Huston, Clinical Assistant Professor at Purdue

3dprinteros_premiumThe 3DPrinterOS premium license offers access to the 3DPrinterOS direct print API, premium applications including Virtual Factory and HD camera support.

The direct print API gives users customizable tools for building their own 3D marketplace or selling designs. The API includes editing tools, Magic Fix for design preparation and direct streaming without exposing source files to supported printer types. Virtual Factory gives users the ability to manage workflows for laser cutters, CNC machines and industrial 3D printers all the way up to the point of production and mark as complete once a job is finished.

The 3DPrinterOS premium and educational licenses are available now through Dynamism, 3D Connectors, 3D Printlife, CreativeTools, and 3Dortgen.

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