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ADDiTEC introduces Hybrid Series for precision and material diversity

ADDiTEC has introduced the Hybrid Series, an advanced manufacturing platform designed to transform the industry. This series combines two powerful metal additive manufacturing technologies: Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ) and High-Power Laser Directed Energy Deposition (LDED). This combination enables maximum precision and material diversity.

The Hybrid Series comprises the Hybrid2 and Hybrid3 models. Hybrid2 integrates Liquid Metal Jetting with CNC machining, while Hybrid3 also uses High-Power Laser Assisted Directed Energy Deposition. This synergy enables unprecedented precision and speed in the production of metal parts.

An integrated 2-axis positioner extends the capabilities of the Hybrid Series and enables precise 5-axis manufacturing. LMJ offers high-resolution capabilities for the production of complex components and uses cost-effective standard welding wire (COTS) for full material utilization. LDED accelerates the manufacturing process with high deposition rates and also utilizes COTS welding wire for cost efficiency.

The Hybrid Series features fast printhead deployment for LMJ and LDED, which simplifies switching between different manufacturing processes. A high-temperature print bed with quick-change technology for LMJ parts minimizes downtime and optimizes production. The ability to integrate multiple materials in one system opens up new possibilities for the production of complex components.

The combination of additive and subtractive processes, mainly through CNC machining, ensures that the end products meet the highest quality standards. This advanced manufacturing technology is offered at a competitive price, with financing options starting at USD 2999 per month.

With the introduction of the Hybrid Series, ADDiTEC marks a significant advancement in manufacturing technology and offers a promising solution for industries that require customized, cost-effective and high-quality components.

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