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Additive Manufacturing UK launches its first ever annual action plan

Additive Manufacturing UK (AMUK) is the UK’s only trade association for the additive manufacturing sector. In response to the rapid growth of the sector and the huge potential for future growth, AMUK has launched its first ever annual action plan.

The action plan covers topics such as the current market dynamics in the additive manufacturing sector and identifies challenges that need to be addressed to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies. It also provides an overview of the current funding landscape and highlights opportunities for companies and researchers looking to develop new additive manufacturing solutions.

A key theme of the plan is the need for increased collaboration between players in the additive manufacturing ecosystem. This includes closer collaboration between research institutions and industry partners, as well as greater involvement of government bodies and policy makers.

Josh Dugdale, Head of Additive Manufacturing UK said: “At AMUK, our mission is to position the UK as a global frontrunner in the research, development, adoption and application of technologies, all of which make up the additive manufacturing value chain. This objective emphasises our commitment to fostering innovation, catalysing economic growth, and enhancing the UK’s reputation as a pivotal hub for additive manufacturing technology advancements and applications.”

The additive manufacturing sector is expected to continue to grow strongly over the next decade. In 2015, the global market for all additive manufacturing products and services was worth £3.59 billion and grew at a compound annual growth rate of 31.5% over the following three years.

He continued: “We recognise we have specific challenges that we have to overcome in the areas such as skills, standards and supply chain. Through collaborative initiatives with industry partners, academic institutions, and governmental bodies, we believe these challenges can be addressed as well as providing leverage for the transformative potential of additive manufacturing technology, to create opportunities, bolster productivity, and effectively tackle diverse challenges spanning numerous sectors.”

The global market volume for additive manufacturing is estimated to be worth between 60 and 90 billion dollars by 2030. Maintaining its current global position, the UK could capture around $3 billion of this market. However, if the right conditions are created in the UK to encourage companies to adopt, use and develop additive manufacturing technologies, the country could regain its global position from 2015. If this happens, the UK additive manufacturing market could be worth over $5 billion.

Additive Manufacturing UK’s annual action plan provides a valuable roadmap for the development and growth of additive manufacturing in the UK. With a focus on collaboration, innovation and investment, the UK is well positioned to take a leading role in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

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