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Artist Is 3D Printing a 26 Foot Long Boat

Taiwanese artist Hung-Chih Peng is creating a 26 foot long 3D printed model of his twisted boat model called Noah’s Ark.

His work is currently displayed at the Taipei Fine Art Museum in the exhibition called “The Deluge – Noah’s Ark” showing the impotence of human being in the face of uncontrollable catastrophic challenges.

“Human beings are unable to return to the unspoiled living environment of the past, and have become victims of their own endeavors. This work serves as a metaphor exposing the collision between Mother Nature and the accelerated development of industrialized civilization.”

Part of the exhibition space has been transformed into an artist’s studio, where 30 UP! 3D printers are operating to manufacture the 100.000 parts for the 26 foot long model. According to Peng the boat will be assembled and completed by January 2015. Until then visitors of the exhibition can watch the live 3D printing station.

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