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B9Creations launches Elite Micro 3D printer

3D printer specialist B9Creations has launched its ultra-precise B9 Elite Micro 3D printer platform.

B9Creations’ Elite Micro enables users to 3D print geometries that would be impossible to create any other way – redefining additive’s place in the manufacturing ecosystem and fueling a new revolution spanning several medical and industrial applications.

“There are so many parts I see a machine like this finally making possible to create, that otherwise might have been out of reach for many due to system costs. This machine brings respectable precision, on a reliable platform already established for its ease of use, along with decent build rates – and you did it for a reasonable price in relation to its capabilities,” said the largest U.S. medical device manufacturer’s Senior Principal Design Technician.

The B9 Elite Micro brings 3D printing to the forefront of modernization. And with ultra-high resolution, accuracy, precision, and repeatability, it pushes the boundaries of feature size capabilities at the scale and tolerances nearly meeting or exceeding micro injection molded parts. It offers native pixel size of 20 microns with microscale features such as wall thicknesses down to 30 microns and holes down to 100 microns, to deliver the most challenging micro parts at production quality.

B9 Elite Micro Special Features:

  • Out of the box and printing in 15 minutes with factory startup assistance included and never requires recalibration
  • Intelligent print preparation, management, and monitoring software
  • Streamlined workflow with automated cleaning and curing post-processing units
  • Open to B9Creations resins or third-party materials, or have B9Creations develop a custom resin
  • Annual service package that includes on-site training and installation, dedicated customer success specialist, hot swap program, and more

Find out more about B9Creations at b9c.com.

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