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Bambu Lab presents new entry-level 3D printer A1

Bambu Lab has announced the A1, a new 3D printer for consumers. It is the larger counterpart to the recently introduced A1 mini model.

According to the manufacturer, the technology of the A1 is largely similar to that of the A1 mini. The main difference lies in the print volume, which is significantly larger in the A1 at 256 x 256 x 256 mm. Otherwise, the specifications are almost identical.

Like the A1 mini, the A1 is said to print particularly quickly and precisely. Thanks to vibration compensation and dynamic flow control, it produces almost perfect print results without manual calibration, according to Bambu Lab. Common materials such as PLA, PETG and TPU are supported.

With a price of 399 US dollars, the A1 is slightly more expensive than the mini model. According to Bambu Lab, it is aimed at ambitious users who require a larger print volume. A 4-filament changer is available as an option.

Bambu Lab has made a name for itself in recent years. Like other Chinese manufacturers such as Creality or Anycubic, Bambu has developed a range of interesting 3D printers for the consumer market and brought new momentum to the sector.

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