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BEEVERYCREATIVE Launches 4 New 3D Printers

Portugal-based 3D printer manufacturer BEEVERYCREATIVE has just launched 4 new printers along with their BEECONNECT controller and is currently showcasing its new products at the 3D Print Show in London.

It has been two years since the initial public display of their BEETHEFIRST 3D printer. As a result of their work dedicated to the development of the device in the past months, the company now presents 4 new 3D printers.

The BEETHEFIRST+ is the new model based on the original BEETHEFIRST. Besides some internal hardware improvements it has a more powerful extruder that accepts all heated bed free types of filament available on the market.

During the pre-sales period, users will get the BEETHEFIRST+ for € 1,499 including 15 spools of BEESUPPLIES and one month full subscription of 3DShook.

Based on the BEETHEFIRST+, two new BEE printers were created: BEE MEE and BEE IN SCHOOL.

BEE ME is the makers’ edition, with an easier to open cover in a more workshop friendly material. Makers are expected to explore the device to the limit; it is sold as a product in development. Members of FabLabs or business incubators will get a BEECONNECT for free. Also included in the pre-sales price of € 1,299 is a one month subscription of 3DShook along with a € 50 credit for BEESUPPLIES.


As the name implies, BEE IN SCHOOL, is the version for schools. The team kept the focus on usability, portability, reliability and safety. Its pre-order price of € 1,169 includes a € 80 credit of BEESUPPLIES for schools and a one month subscription of 3DShook.


Last one up is the Hello BEE Prusa, a result of their cooperation with the Portuguese company Hello3DPrintingWorld. The 3D printer kit based on the open source 3D printer by Josef Prusa is equipped with a heated bed and a double extruder.


BEECONNECT, a device that is compatible with all their printers, allows users to control the BEE printers without the need of a computer. Developed by the open source community, BEECONNECT is quiped with a Raspberry Pi. All files for the device can found on GitHub. It is available for € 149 or € 249 with a premium cover.

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The regular retail price for all printers based on the BEETHEFIRST+ is € 1,449.

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