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ELEGOO launches Saturn 4 Ultra and Saturn 4 3D printers on the market

The manufacturer ELEGOO has unveiled two new 3D printers in its Saturn series: Saturn 4 Ultra and Saturn 4. With these models, the company aims to set new standards in terms of precision, printing speed and ease of use.

With a new design and extended functions, Saturn 4 Ultra is aimed at a broad target group ranging from beginners to hobbyists and professional users. Thanks to its versatility, it should be suitable for projects in various industries.

An important innovation is the so-called “Tilt Release Technology”. This involves tilting the resin tank and LC display so that the finished objects can be easily removed from the release film. The manufacturer promises that this process not only enables smooth switching between high-speed and precision printing, but also significantly reduces overall printing times. The speed is up to 5.5 seconds per shift.

Other features of the Saturn 4 Ultra include a 12K mono LCD for precise prints, an optical combination of COB and Fresnel lenses for smooth surfaces and an automatic levelling system. An AI-based monitoring system detects empty build platforms, warped prints and creates time-lapse videos.

The slightly slimmed-down Saturn 4 is aimed at price-conscious customers and starts at 299 euros. However, it also has 12K resolution, COB/Fresnel optics and a build volume of 218.88 x 122.88 x 220 mm. The Saturn 4 Ultra costs 399 euros in the official store. The printers are also available from specialist retailers.

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