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EOS introduces new EOS M 290-2 400W metal 3D printer

3D printer manufacturer EOS announces its newest member of the EOS M 290 family, the EOS M 290-2, bringing the M 290 family of metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems to three and setting a new productivity and quality standard for metal series production.

The EOS M 290-2 is based on the proven EOS M 290 and was developed by the AMCM Group of EOS. The new system features two 400-watt lasers with full field overlap and is compatible with the existing process parameter sets of the EOS M 290, ensuring the same focus and beam quality. The dual-head laser configuration of the EOS M 290-2 offers optimized laminar gas flow, which ensures comparability of material properties, and a known build volume of 250 x 250 x 325 mm. A digital scanner with active cooling achieves speeds of up to 7 m/s and ensures a process quality and material library comparable to the EOS M 290.

“While not always discussed publicly, many of the biggest and most widely known production applications in the history of metal AM have been underpinned by the EOS M 290. The heritage of the EOS M 290 family of systems dates back two decades with nearly 2,000 M 290s installed globally, which speaks to the popularity of the system and makes this line of AM technology perhaps the most adopted system in the world. The new EOS M 290-2 has a lot to live up to, and we are both proud and confident about the next generation of metal AM production stories that will be written using this system”, commented Monica Smith, EOS metal product line manager.

The EOS M 290 family now includes the original EOS M 290, the new EOS M 290-2 and the recently launched EOS M 290 1kW, which is specifically designed for applications where copper and copper alloys are used, such as heat exchangers and inductors. AMEXCI, a Nordic company that was an early adopter of the EOS M 290-2, has achieved a cost reduction of 76% per part compared to the original EOS M 290 due to the increased productivity of the dual laser configuration.

“The new EOS M 290-2 is as reliable as the EOS M 290, while significantly boosting our productivity. This system is ideal for serial production, particularly for smaller components. The part quality is also best-in-class, and the integration of the Smart Fusion & OT is a game-changer and has opened doors for us to completely new customer cases and geometries”, said Johannes Karjalainen, AMEXCI Managing Director.

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