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ERIKS relies on UltiMaker 3D printing technology to optimize manufacturing processes

ERIKS, a leader in mechanical engineering components, utilizes advanced UltiMaker 3D printing technology to improve its production operations and efficiently meet the needs of its diverse customer base. With over 80 years of experience and more than 5,000 skilled employees in 15 countries, ERIKS demonstrates its industry leadership by integrating 3D printing into various areas of operations at an early stage.

The choice of UltiMaker as the preferred platform for FDM 3D printing underlines ERIKS’ commitment to quality and precision, especially in the production of food-safe printed parts.

Job van de Sande, Head of Engineering at ERIKS emphasizes the significance of UltiMaker in their 3D printing journey, stating, “We made UltiMaker the platform of choice for FDM 3D printing at ERIKS. Now, we have expanded our fleet of printers to around 25 across 10 different teams in six different countries.”

The reliability and future-proofing of the UltiMaker printers are of crucial importance to ERIKS. The continuous updates, such as firmware updates, ensure the long-term use of the printer fleet.

Van de Sande commends UltiMaker’s reliability and longevity, stating, “It’s very important that the printers we buy today are still usable five years from now. And thanks to the constant updates, for example, in firmware, we have been able to still utilize the entire fleet of UltiMaker printers that we bought over the years.”

“During the development process, we can produce a part to make it easier to show to our production team or customers,” Jan Brabander, Product Manager at ERIKS Industrial Plastics, notes. “We also use 3D printing throughout our processes internally, like production or quality control. For example, tools to assemble products, or to check measurements, or to make our process faster, smoother, and of better quality. We use 3D printing more and more for making end-use parts that are industrial grade and can be used in the machines or in the factories of our customers.”

The introduction of the UltiMaker 3D printing ecosystem, including the Digital Factory Enterprise for printer management, enables ERIKS to manage its projects efficiently and ensure that production standards are consistent across the organization. The flexibility in design that 3D printing offers enables ERIKS to respond quickly to customer requirements and produce high-quality parts efficiently.

By using Trinckle, a parametric design and automation solution software, ERIKS has democratized 3D printing and allows non-engineers to create applications. This fosters a broad community of enthusiasts and experts who share ideas and knowledge to ensure widespread implementation of 3D printing.

ERIKS’ forward-thinking approach to 3D printing not only improves internal processes, but also becomes a valuable tool to meet customers’ needs. The combination of UltiMaker’s reliability, continuous updates and a comprehensive 3D printing ecosystem has catapulted ERIKS to the forefront of innovation in the manufacturing sector.

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