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Forivory launches new FT400 Industrial 3D Printer on the Market

The 3D printing company “Forivory”, a Jelect brand, has introduced the new FT400 industrial 3D printer with its distribution partner 3Dcloud.

The FT400 is characterized by its excellent build quality, which is achieved through the use of acrylic outer surfaces and CNC machining processes. The brand name Forivory, inspired by the replacement of elephant ivory – the first natural plastic raw material – with plastic injection molding technology, symbolizes the entry of advanced 3D technology into modern civilization.

Forivory’s research and development team focused on the basic elements that a 3D printer must have: high performance, efficiency and stability. Of particular note is Forivory’s XTC (X-axis gantry tool changer) technology, which solves the problem of slow output due to large and heavy print heads experienced by other multi-nozzle 3D printing manufacturers.

The FT400 utilizes the tool changer technology for high-speed printing of various materials. Thanks to the planetary gearbox, the extruder has an excellent gear ratio of 5:1 and is over 40% lighter than previous models. The extruder can be changed quickly via latches on the sides of the X-axis, unlike magnetic methods.

This technology minimizes travel distance and unnecessary movement, and the CoreXY structure enables faster operation compared to the previous IDEX method. With a large build volume (400400600), the FT400 can print human applications such as helmets and thigh shells and meet the requirements of different users.

For stable output even with large volumes, instead of the usual top-down method, bottom-up technology with XY gantry is used, which moves up and down along a high-performance ball screw. This improves the quality of the bottom and top layers without defects such as bed sagging.

Users no longer need manual or semi-automatic leveling. Fully automatic leveling is made possible by controlling the Z-axis with four motors. Furthermore, flow control and inertia is minimized by the ‘Pressure Advance’ using a ‘Vision Sensor System’ and the ‘Input Shape’ function of the powerful 32-bit firmware.

Forivory strives to ensure consistently high print quality in South Korea’s changeable environment with heavy rainfall and snowfall. To this end, the device is equipped with an ‘Active-Heated Chamber System’. The pressure can be monitored using the Maker Station software. In the event of a printing error, a notification is sent to the user’s cell phone. The appliance can be controlled remotely and the functions are continuously improved through firmware updates.

The device has an intelligent cabinet that can hold four filaments (1 kilogram each). In the event of a power failure, the UPS function ensures stable and continuous operation. In addition to PLA PETG, TPU and PP, the device can also print engineering plastics such as PC, ABS, carbon and nylon.

Forivory plans to start sales in the Korean market through this event and online recruitment of overseas and local partners as it prepares for overseas sales after participating in SIMTOS in April 2024.

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