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Former´s Farm Offers Two New 3D Printer And Filament Called Marshmellow

The Korean company Former´s Farm introduces two different 3D printers. The OLMO and the PICARV.

The PICARV is shown in the picture above. It is a simple and reliable 3D printer for hobbyists and consumers. Let’s be honest – it looks really good. The OLMO is a solid 3D printer for makers, designers and for prototyping (but not that good looking).

The chamber of the OLMO blocks external air and filters the air inside the OLMOchamber before releasing it on the back of the 3D printer. It offers a build volume with the size of an A4 sheet (297x219mm) and prints with a height of 240mm.

The software delivered with the OLMO is called FormEngine and was co-developed with Materialise. It delivers the most reliable gcode for 3D printing trough fixing any error in the mesh by itself or via the cloud.

The heated bed gets up to 100° and the dual hot end delivers 300°. So you can print PLA, ABS, PETT and water solvable support with the OLMO.

And as I mentioned in the headline. Former´s Farmer delivers gorgeous pastel tone color PLA filament:



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