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Fraunhofer Showcases LIGHT Sculpture With Help Of Materialise

At last year’s World of Photonics fair in Munich Fraunhofer ILT showcased a large 3D printed structure.

The sculpture consists of large 3D printed letters for the word “LIGHT”. It is a wordplay with the two meanings of the word. One meaning is light as in lightweight structures, wich are made possible by 3D printing, and the other meaning stands for light as in luminous.

Each letter is two meters high and was printed using the services of Materialise´s Mammoth Stereolithograph machines and equipped with LEDs that light up the structure in different colours.


The structure of the letters produced a set of data that Materialise didn’t have matched in their 25 years. The complete lightweight structure was designed so it doesn’t need any support, using Materislise´s 3-maticSTL software. But even without any support the 3D model produced the largest data set in the history of Materialise.

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