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HYBRID expands AM Software Portfolio with Government Support

HYBRID Software, a global provider of software solutions for the printing industry, announces the continuation of its investment in the expansion of its Additive Manufacturing (AM) software portfolio. With the support of a grant from the Flemish government, an additional R&D project will be initiated to integrate new functionalities into the CLOUDFLOW Maker AM workflow software.

The aim of this project is to develop advanced features for CLOUDFLOW Maker, including a “CAD to post-processing” software solution for bindery and material blasting technologies. These new features are designed to reduce the cost per part while increasing the quality, reliability and repeatability of the process.

Kris Binon, HYBRID Business Unit Manager for AM, is very pleased to hear the confirmation of government endorsement: “We have a solid business case, driven by true market need and delivered from our in-house expertise. We’re glad we’ve been able to adequately substantiate this claim to the government, as we believe this project is going to create tangible added value for AM machine operators. Our team has already begun setting up tests that will quantify some of the parameters to be applied in our software, in alignment with our goal of achieving positive effects on binder usage, print speed and energy efficiency.”

Nick De Roeck, Co-President of HYBRID Software, shares “The 3D-printing industry is at a crossroads: as printer producers and users turn towards industrialization, they need software to support that evolution. At such point in time, optimization and streamlining are key concepts. To achieve that, HYBRID can leverage its expertise in the industrialization of printing for labels & packaging and develop value-added functionalities for 3D and Additive Manufacturing. This project fits that scope entirely. It takes us where we intent to be and lays the foundation for further growth of the group.”

Adds De Roeck, “Some of the R&D efforts will also benefit our existing solutions. We’re particularly looking at applying AI to further enhance the development of new algorithms, for example for advanced dithering and ink management. Our co-development projects with the first selected Binder and Material Jetting OEM’s will also be announced in the near future.”

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