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Katjes 3D Prints Custom Gummy Candies – Update: Collaboration with Printrbot

German confectionery company Katjes has unveiled “The Magic Candy Factory” to 3D print custom gummy candies.

September 1, 2015: Currently installed at the Grün-Ohr café in Berlin, the extrusion-based 3D printer creates delicious gummy treats without the use of animal gelatin. The Magic Candy Factory is the result of a collaboration between Katjes CEO Bastian Fassin and Melissa Snover, an entrepreneur and founder of the organic confectionary brand called “Goody Good Stuff”. Together they founded Katjes Fassin UK Ltd. based in Birmingham and headed by Snover as managing director and Fassin as managing partner.

Image: Katjes

Currently they offer a selection of 10 different designs in various combinations of colours and flavours, that the café’s customers can choose from. Additionally, you can 3D print your personal gummy greeting card. According to the company, it takes about one to five minutes to 3D print a 10 g gummy candy.


September 10, 2015: Update – Video of Magic Candy Factory Launch at Café Grün-Ohr


December 1, 2015: Update – Collaboration printrbot

Katjes has teamed up with US 3D printer manufacturer printrbot for the second generation of their Magic Candy Factory. The latest model had first been unveiled at the International Attractions Expo (IAAPA) in Orlando in mid-November.


The new machine featuring a wooden frame is only half the size of the original device (45 x 45 cm). The Plug’n’Play system allows for quick installation and ease-of-use, while a pre-installed camera captures the printing process. Each client will receive a time laps video of their personal 3D printed gummy candy sent by e-mail.

katjes_3d_drucker1The collaboration of the two companies has been established at Makerfaire Sacramento, where Melissa Snover was instantly convinced she wanted to work with Brook Drumm and his team of printrbot, producing affordable high quality devices.

First models of the printrbot 3D candy printer have already been produced and are currently being tested. According to Katjes plans, the latest version of the Magic Candy Factory 3D printer will be available as of Q2 2016 from retailers across Europe, the US and Asia.

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