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Korean Manufacturer Rokit Launches 3D Bioprinter

The Korean manufacturer of prosumer and consumer desktop 3D printers, Rokit, who was supported with a $ 3 million funding by the Korean government last year, has now released the Edison Invivo, following a three-year long research program.

The bioprinter, designed for use in tissue engineering and research, can create three-dimensional structures from patient-derived cells that grow into transplantable tissue. The liquid dispensing extrusion device can also be used with a variety of bioinks including poly-L- glutamic acid, polycaprolactone a variety of biological materials lactone, lactic acid, collagen, seaweed, silk fibroin and others. According to Rokit, the company wants to provide researchers with an affordable and mechanically more efficient device that is specially tailored to meet the demands for research in tissue engineering.

Moreover, Rokit revealed that they are currently conducting research to develop a patient specific 3D bioprinter for artificial skin.