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Large-format 3D printer LANDR 500 from British production

RYSE 3D has launched its LANDR spin-out, a new large-format 3D printer called the LANDR 500, designed and manufactured entirely in the UK. This additive manufacturing solution aims to make engineering plastics and large build volumes available to small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and sole traders at a low cost.

The LANDR 500 is based on FDM technology and offers a generous build envelope of 500 x 500 x 500 mm. This allows complex and large-format components to be produced for applications such as rapid prototyping or series production in the automotive, aerospace, medical technology and consumer goods industries. Thanks to a 100 °C build chamber heater, an extruder temperature of 500 °C and a print bed temperature of 140 °C, high-strength engineering materials such as carbon fiber-reinforced nylon can be processed at speeds of up to 500 mm/s.

The 3D printer is also equipped with a Bondtech extruder, double-walled insulation, an integrated camera for remote monitoring and functions such as automatic nozzle cleaning and an optional filament drying function. The user interface is said to be intuitively designed to provide easy access for users of all experience levels. In addition, the all-aluminum chassis promises long-term robustness.

With a price tag of £11,398.80 including VAT, the LANDR 500 is said to be significantly cheaper than comparable rival products and reduce technology costs. According to Mitchell Barnes, Managing Director of LANDR, £200,000 worth of pre-orders have already been placed.

The LANDR 500 will be launched at the TCT 3Sixty exhibition with a live demonstration.

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