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LulzBot introduces powerful new 3D print heads

The American company LulzBot has introduced a new series of tool heads for its 3D printers. The so-called “Galaxy Series” comprises a total of five different models, which are intended to set new standards in terms of user-friendliness, performance and compatibility.

According to LulzBot, particular emphasis was placed on ease of use during development. Among other things, the toolheads feature automatic filament tensioning and a direct drive, which should reduce the risk of blockages. In addition, the special design of the heating elements enables the nozzles to be changed quickly and easily without additional tools.

At the heart of the new Galaxy Series are the Meteor Toolheads, which are available in the standard filament diameters of 1.75mm and 2.85mm. LulzBot praises the Meteor as particularly versatile and reliable models that meet the company’s high quality standards. Features include a direct drive with dual drive gears, a nickel-plated hard copper heating element and a specially designed 360° cooling unit.

For users who require particularly large print volumes, LulzBot recommends the Asteroid Toolhead. This print head has a native nozzle size of 1.2mm, which can be expanded to 2.4mm, and an output of 100W. According to the manufacturer, layer heights of over 0.9mm and material throughputs of more than 200g per hour are possible.

Another new introduction is the Twin Nebula Toolheads, which are the first factory-configured dual extruder models from LulzBot. The compact design and integrated linear actuators are intended to enable precise dual-material printing. The Twin Nebula will be available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm versions.

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