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Pollen AM launches its new system pam o2, the new generation of its pellet 3D printer

Pollen AM, a pioneer in granular additive manufacturing, announces the release of pam o2, its new latest-generation 3D printing system, developed alongside its customers and partners to mark its 10th anniversary. To meet current market needs with a universal solution using a wide range of certified and accessible materials: elastomers, thermoplastics, metals, technical ceramics and bio-sourced materials.

The pam 3D printers, manufactured in France, give users the benefit of a production tool that can be adapted to the needs of their projects and materials. For manufacturers, design offices, laboratories, research centers, academia and a wide range of industries, the pam o2 can be used to directly transform standard injection materials and to benefit from the same properties.

From pellet to object, PAM technology offers the most direct process for producing high-performance final parts at reasonable cost.

The latest Research & Market report estimates that the additive manufacturing market will enjoy an annual growth rate of 21% over the next five years. However, other studies, notably the latest Jabil report, point to a number of frustrations: limited catalogue of materials, cost and availability of materials.

To meet the expectations of the most demanding users and industries, Pollen AM’s multi-extruder and universal pam o2 solutions provide:

An effective ROI and faster yields by using the same materials for prototyping and production. Pollen AM provides its expertise in the choice of granular materials, the same as for injection, 5 to 10 times cheaper than the market average. Moreover, pam does not require the development of new materials, as the direct granule extrusion process (the same as for injection molding) is compatible with industrial materials already available on the market. In terms of HSE requirements, PAM technology has a major advantage. No additional investment costs (PPE, specific room, ventilation system, etc.) are required to ensure the safety of operators in metal and ceramic applications (no volatile powder).

An increase of productivity, thanks to electronics that perform better in high-temperature conditions, with print speeds twice as fast and machine set-up times 7 times faster.

Benefits from open programming and enhanced mechanical architecture, with the ability to automate user-defined tasks, a lighter structure and redesigned motion transmission.

A unique user comfort thanks to a silent system, easy maintenance, simplified system diagnostics and a 10% reduction in electricity consumption.

« With the pam o2 printer, Pollen AM aims to accelerate the expansion of 3D printing by addressing the main concerns of the industrial market in terms of materials.  Thanks to our solutions, large groups, ETIs and laboratories with departments dedicated to 3D printing can now increase their production and promote innovation in 3D printing. Today, we are proud to launch the pam o2, which is the result of nearly 10 years’ development and a long process of listening to the needs of the market. » comments Didier Fonta, CEO of Pollen AM.

Manufactured and assembled in France, the new-generation pam o2 printer incorporates the requirements of manufacturers in terms of environmental responsibility, recycling and bio-sourcing of materials.

To find out more about the pam o2 3D printer, click here. 

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